אדר אלוני חנן עורכת דין מגשרת ונוטריון

Adar Aloni-Hanan, Attorney, Notary and Mediator, specializes in Real Estate, Business & Commercial law in both English and Hebrew. The Law Firm is located Emek Heffer Valley, in the center of Israel (20 minutes north of Tel Aviv).

The Firm’s clientele includes various businesses and individuals in the public and private sectors in Israel, as well as the rural and agriculture issues. The Firm also assists foreign and Israeli clients with their international businesses, such as importers, exporters, investors, franchisors and franchisees.

Adar brings to the table more than 20 years of experience, a keen understanding of the legal and business world, analytical and negotiation skills, thinking “outside the box”, and an ability to solve conflicts in a pleasant atmosphere. Adar is also a qualified Mediator and utilizes her “people-skills” in order to handle complicated situations in a sensitive manner while finding creative solutions to challenging circumstances.   

Adar has a vast experience in Israel as well as the United States, with the ability to bridge cultural and language gaps. Between the years 2000-2010, Adar worked as a licensed Realtor in Arizona and Nevada and specialized in commercial and private real estate in the U.S.A., representing buyers, sellers and investors.

Adar has made it her mission statement to provide exceptional legal services to clients from Israel and abroad, putting the client in the center and presenting a pleasant, personal approach.

Whether you have an interest in real estate or a corporation in Israel or if you would like to do business with Israelies  – We invite you to contact us for further assistance.
Always here for you – with a smile!

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