Real Estate

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate field, Adar accompanies clients in a variety of projects including sale, purchase or rental transactions of real estate properties in Israel, whether for personal use or investment purposes. These include residential, commercial, rural and urban properties.

Our professional legal services include verification of the legal rights to the property, representation in contract negotiations, dealing with governmental, municipal and tax authorities, and at the same time assisting our clients with all the important factors of the transaction until it is successfully completed.

In addition, we often assist Israeli citizens who choose to invest in real estate abroad by representing them throughout the contract process, from negotiation to completion.

Businesses and Corporations

Our law firm provides ongoing legal counsel to small and medium-sized businesses. This includes preparing various commercial contracts such as franchise agreements, corporations and partnerships incorporation agreements, operating agreements, investment and funding agreements, joint ventures and more.

Even when it comes to business engagements, I choose to use mediation tools, to listen and hear what really matters to my clients, in order to provide the best service that suits their needs.

Whether a successful business owner who wants to expand or a start-up company aspiring to establish a successful business – our firm handles all the necessary requirements towards the authorities, financial institutions and others.

We strongly recommend that you contact us during the initial stage of planning your business and share with us the process of thinking and building the appropriate business structure, so that we can help you make the best decisions and create strong fundamentals, giving the business what it needs to get started on the right foot.

Rural and Agriculture Estate Matters, Multi Generational Planning

We assist clients dealing with complex and, often, emotional family matters deriving from the complicated legal situation regarding agricultural properties in Israel. This includes creating intergenerational agreements, agreements between spouses and siblings, drafting wills, mediating and assistance with the intricate bureaucracy of the Israeli land authorities.


אדר אלוני חנן עורכת דין

Notary services

In Israel, a lawyer who has been licensed for more than 10 years is entitled to receive special authorization from the Ministry of Justice to act as a Notary, and to carry out official actions such as verification, approval and preparation of official legal documents. Such documents may be served as evidence in courts or other authorities in Israel and abroad. Our Law Firm offers a variety of Notarial services, including certified translations of documents in English and Hebrew.

אדר אלוני חנן עורכת דין

Wills and Inheritances

Our Law Firm assists individuals and couples in the process of preparing and planning what shall happen with their estate after their demise and buying “peace of mind” for the future. We also help our clients handle the probate process, with the Registrar of Inheritance Affairs in Israel.

When accompanying our clients in the complicated and sensitive process involved of planning their inheritance, we invest the full attention to the things that are really important. No person is identical to the other, each family and its relationships, traditions, values and messages that should be passed on to future generations. It is important to create appropriate solutions for every person’s estate, in order to protect the heirs and prevent future conflicts.

Durable Power of Attorney

Recently launched in Israel, this new legal tool enables a person to plan ahead and control what shall be done with his or her body and assets, when he or she can no longer manage their affairs on their own. An Enduring POA may only be created by an attorney who has been specially trained and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. Since Adar was certified in 2017, our Firm has accompanied several people through this sensitive and complex process, which requires serious thought and attention, professional advice and a stress-free environment.

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